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Finest faux flowers 

Home: Our Story

Hello! Welcome to Floral Stydio's website. You read it right, not studio, but STYDIO. Since you are on our site, we assume that you love flowers and home decoration as much as we do.  We are artificial flowers and plants manufacturer with decades of experience, and with it, customers worldwide.  


At Floral Stydio, we are dedicated to making stunning artificial flowers using wild imagination, and of course, crafts(wo)manship. A few years ago, we have decided that we have had enough of imitating real flowers and committed to creating something more artfully. Thanks to our artisans, we successfully fulfilled our commitment. 


Our crafts(wo)man spend most their time meticulously source and select and even develop materials for our flowers and plants. Combining skillfully artisans with our secret techniques results in one-of-a-kind artificial flowers that you will unlikely found anywhere else. 

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